Terminal APIs roadmap

current work and future developments

  • extension of the Calypso API to add support for Prime PKI transaction mode
    • asymmetric card authentication without a SAM
  • refactoring of the Calypso API to integrate different Calypso SAM solutions (legacy SAM & Open SAM)
    • split of the Calypso API to separate card operations in a Calypso Card API independently to the SAM solution
    • Calypso Legacy SAM API to support all transaction modes of the legacy SAM C1.
  • Reader API & Card API refactoring for the setting of a card selection
    • moving of some elements of card DF selector from the Card API to the Reader API → This will simplify the Card API, and will allow the implementation of the ISO selection settings to be factorised independently of the card extensions.

History of developments

Date API Version Changes
2023/05/22 Reader API 1.3
  • Introduced a new capability to export a locally processed card selection scenario to be imported and analyzed remotely by another card selection manager.
2023/04/04 Calypso API 1.8
  • Adds the possibility to improve performance by anticipating the SAM context before the transaction is started.
2023/03/08 Calypso API 1.7
  • Adds the secure session "pre-open" variant
  • Adds the possibility read counters and binary files during the card selection process
2023/02/27 Calypso Crypto Legacy SAM API 0.2
  • adds "counters & ceilings" management commands in static mode
2023/02/17 Calypso API 1.6
  • Simplifies the card transaction API by providing a single "process" method
  • Adds a security setting to be able to disable the automatic combination of a "Read Record" command with the "Open Secure Session" command
2023/01/10 Reader API 1.2
  • Adds a way to retrieve the name of the protocol currently used by the reader to communicate with the card
2022/12/22 Calypso API 1.5
  • Completes the support of "Calypso Prime Extended" card products
    • ciphered card commands/responses inside a secure session
    • intermediate mutual authentication inside a secure session
2022/12/12 Calypso Crypto Legacy SAM API 0.1
  • Alpha version of the new API dedicated to the management of legacy SAMs
    • begins the support of free SAM transaction (without a control SAM)
    • adds "compute/verify signature" commands
    • adds "read event counter/ceiling" commands
2022/10/26 Reader API 1.1
  • Adds an "import/export" feature for card selection scenarios
    • allows a terminal to execute or schedule a card selection scenario, previously prepared on a server, without having the dedicated card library (e.g. Calypso API)
Calypso API 1.4
  • Improves the support of file selection responses for legacy card products
2022/10/04 Calypso API 1.3
  • Adds a specific identifier to the Calypso HSM product
    • allows to manage differences in behaviour with the legacy SAM C1
2022/05/30 Calypso API 1.2
  • Begins the support of "Calypso Prime Extended" card products
    • SAM operations to generate or verify data signatures
2022/02/01 Calypso API 1.1
  • Completes the support of "Calypso Prime Regular" card products
    • binary files management, update of multiple counters, record search, key change
    • support of EF without SFI