Maintenance Guides

Release procedure

  1. Create a branch dedicated to the current release.
  2. Check file:
    • Check the consistency of the version.
  3. Check build.gradle.kts file:
    • Use only released dependencies.
    • Upgrade Keyple dependencies to their latest released versions.
  4. Update file:
    • Verify the consistency of the Unreleased section.
    • Move content of Unreleased section to a new “release” section.
    • Update bottom links.
  5. Build and test the component.
  6. Commit the modified files using if possible the commit message Release x.y.z.
  7. Push and create a pull request to merge the branch into main.
  8. Await the success of the build by the CI.
  9. Squash and merge the pull request.
  10. Await the success of the build by the CI.
  11. Create a release on GitHub:
    • Set tag x.y.z
    • Set release name x.y.z
    • Set the content by copying/pasting the content of the current release description in the file without the bottom links.
  12. Await the success of the build by the CI.
  13. Connect to Nexus Repository Manager of Calypsonet and go to “Staging Repositories” page:
    • Select the correct folder to Close & Release. It must contain the manifests, the JAR and all the others elements (sources, javadoc).
    • Close the folder.
    • Release the folder.
    • The other unwanted folders could be dropped.
  14. Check the availability of the release on the Maven Repository. This step may take from 10 minutes to 2 hours.
  15. Update this website:
    • Update version in params.yaml file.
    • Update others elements if needed.
    • Commit and push the modifications.